WEE YOGIS PLAY, is Jocelyn’s Aka KayLee Smiles first kids yoga music album, which has gained popularity as a favorite throughout yoga festivals, mommy-and-me yoga classes, child development classes, and daycares. Wee Yogis Play is designed to teach children yoga poses through an entertaining sequence of songs, games, and fun! The Wee Yogis Musical was based around this silly and interactive album, bringing Cat Cow, Downward, Tree Pose, Power warriors and Namaste to life!

WEE YOGIS CONNECT is designed to teach children to focus and be present through yoga poses, games, and mindfulness exercises. Each song offers a different theme and is intended to help children focus on different parts of the mind and body.

The album offers a range of music from high energy sing-a-longs  to low key meditative songs.  Sound Adventure is a beautiful sequence of nature sounds created to help kids develop concentration and awareness to the present moment.  My Boat, is a catchy song that helps teach children that they have the power to choose their emotions and thoughts. Body Scan guides children through a meditative exercise used to relax targeted areas of the body and help release tension. I Am A Rainbow creates a rejuvenating spirit that brings awareness to the chakras and enables children to recognize and learn about their feelings. “The medicine is in the syrup,” as one of Jocelyn’s teachers and world renowned Kirtan singer Krishna Das often says.

Wee Yogis Connect encourages children of all ages to connect to themselves, their friends, and their families in healthy new ways. The music enhances student’s ability to forgive, love, and find happiness through mindful exercises.

Okay, enough reading. Grab your kids and let’s listen to some music:

WEE YOGIS GROW  focuses on teaching  lessons about love, yoga philosophy, kirtan for kids and positive values. Kaylee Smiles takes us on a transformative journey starting us off with the Butterfly song that opens up to the teaching of the Yoga Sutras, Playful teachers like; Hanuman and Ganesha, and then digs deeper into songs on Loving Kindness,  Long time Sun and moving Out the Darkness


Enjoy Wee Yogis at Home !

Wee Yogis Connect


Wee Yogis Play


The Touring Group:

Bring Miss Smiles and friends to your event! Let us share our love of yoga with you through a silly and engaging performance of all your favorite Wee Yogis Play songs. This performance is gets the crowd moving into all of our favorite yoga poses through amazing
stories and dance!

The Workshop

Join Miss Smiles and her sidekicks, Doggy and Moo Cat, for a Wee Yogis adventure of play, learning and light! This entertaining and heart opening musical class is designed to teach children the beautiful art of yoga. You will be led through fun yoga poses, playful sequences, interactive games, and exercises. Experience all your favorite yoga songs from the Wee Yogis Play Musical and CD. Learn the Downward Dog Hokey Pokey, Cat Cow Sing-a-Long, Yoga Freeze Dance and more. All are welcome; babies, kids, and anyone that loves yoga, wants to be silly, and feel like a kid again.

The Musical

Life hasn’t been easy for Kayla. Her Dad left and now her Mom has to go find work. Kayla is not looking forward to staying with her Mom’s silly friend Jocelyn, the Yogini, and her son Nathan. Through yoga and friendship they help Kayla find her strength and inner light. Join Kayla, as she embarks on this journey into a magical yoga land filled with the most unexpected teachers: Cat-Cows, Downward Dogs, Wise Trees, Warrior Chiefs and More. Okay, okay, yes, and Doggy too! (He made us say that under contractual obligation).

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